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Integrated Systems

With over 30 years experience initiating, developing and maintaining high end technological innovations, AllCom’s management and technical team is uniquely qualified to support leading integrators in every step of project development. From conducting initial analysis and determining field requirements, through concept design, development and implementation to system installation, provision of long-term maintenance and subsequently - technological upgrades to meet evolving needs.

As an active and integral part of the program teams, we continuously support the main integrator in a variety of ways. Either by taking the lead in specific portions of the project, such as development, integration or installation support or by advising on technical, logistical and marketing aspects including:


  • Giving an insider view into the reasoning behind the specifications
  • Determining the importance of different requirement details
  • Formulating and presenting winning strategies
  • Supporting the creation of infrastructure and installation plans
  • Supplying in country technical management and support during the integration and installation phase