Company Overview​

AllCom Systems Engineering Ltd. was founded in January 2001 as a company specializing in defense, security and communication technologies.
Our personnel have 30 years experience in defense, security and communication technologies, ranging from work in development teams, leading medium, large projects and heading a big technological division including R&D, implementation and field services.Through the years, AllCom has represented leading companies around the world in defense & security related programs and participated in leading complex and multidiscipline projects.


AllCom's Development & Manufacturing Department, provides state of the art products for the Transportation Security Market (TSM) such as border control systems, aviation security and seaport security.AllCom's activities include consulting, project exploration, system integration and product development.


Today AllCom represents several world leading companies targeting the defense, security and commercial industries, providing program management, consulting, marketing and after sales services.

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the defense, security and communication sector, the companies we work with are given a unique view into the various potential customers in the market, their needs and access to the appropriate personnel - working and decision making level.


AllCom is not just a sales office. We have the expertise and knowledge of technical data to help both the customer and the company we represent from the most minute technical particulars through whole project negotiations and management. We aim to bring to a maximum understanding the customer's needs, objectives and help find solutions despite the geographical distance, different culture and language.


Our "hands-on" experience in a wide range of defense & security technological fields enables us to maintain a working level relationship with the company's managers and system engineers as well as with the sales and marketing personnel in order to solve both logistical and technical issues.

These multi-level connections are crucial to maintaining the type of continuous dialog needed to fully synchronize the company's products and capabilities with the customer's needs and expectations.

This advantage comes into play in all stages of the relationship, from the initial marketing and exploration of new potential markets/programs through creating a channel dialog during the company selection phase of projects and finally extensive after sales support on all issues that arise.


AllCom Systems Engineering Ltd.


is a recognized and registered supplier for the Israeli Ministry of Defense as well as with other agencies.